Welcome, to the Blessing Doves Art Project

A blessing is an expression from many cultures and religions that is offered as a gift of favor, protection, good wishes, happiness or divine will.
Blessing doves are created and distributed around the globe with all of these intentions. A Blessing Dove is an anonymous gift to be discovered randomly by a stranger. The aim of the project is to brighten one’s day, and to instill a sense of peace, hope and love.

“Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. My peace I give to you” The Counselor

John 14:27

2019 was a year of traveling volunteers. Check out all the great locations they blessed on Instagram.

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2019/2020 Caribbean Islands

Went on a cruise for my 25th wedding anniversary for a New Years celebration, and took some doves along to bless the native islands of the Caribbean.

Caribbean Destinations

India - 2018 June

I took several Colorado State University LEAP Art Entrepreneur students to India for an Arts Collaboration Project with local NGOs for social advocacy and got an opportunity to tour a bit and share some blessing doves in India.

UAE - United Arab Emirates - 2018 June

A quick side trip to visit the new Louvre in Abu Dhabi
A few blessing doves were deposited in the extreme heat of the day!


Spain -October 2017

An all expenses paid artist residency in Olot, Spain gave me a chance to explore Spain and bless Madrid, Barcelona and Olot with doves.

Greece - August 2017

A Sociology and Art conference took me to Athens, Greece and I got to bless the city on my walks and a visit to the beach.


Copenhagen - August 2017

A short layover on my way home from Athens, Greece gave me a chance to walk the pier of Copenhagen and bless the area with doves. A special treat to see the littlest mermaid that inspired Walt Disney.

Palestine - December 2015

An opportunity to put up an art exhibition titled Diaspora of Being for the International Palestinian Diaspora conference in Bethlehem, Palestine brought me back to Israel to blessed the area once again, but this time on the suppressed side of the land where the affects of the occupation and refugee camps were visibly evident. The stratified contrast of living conditions was disturbing and the sense of survival riveting. I left part of my heart behind. This area of our world needs prayer.

Palestine - Palestina
Italy, Rome - Coliseum Outside

Italy - July 2013

An artist-in-residency took me to Italy for the month of July 2013. I was placed in Assisi at the top of a holy mountain to explore the spirit of my art. Short ventures to the Venice Biennale, Florence, Rome and the Piedmont region where my grandmother was born gave me lots of sites to gift the little doves throughout Italy.