Artist Leaves Tiny Blessings in Her Wake

Original Article by : M.E. Sprengelmeyer

She slipped into the nation’s capital on a clandestine mission of hope. Under a black cap and dark sunglasses, Sandy Ceas went mostly unnoticed Sunday as she wove her way down Pennsylvania Avenue, past the tourists gawking at the White House and through the throngs of hundreds of thousands of people gathering for a concert on the National Mall. But in her wake, the undercover artistic agent from Littleton had left dozens of little, surprise gifts: small, ceramic “blessing doves,” placed at random and left as gifts with no explanation. “What is that?” one man said, finding one of the fragile little birds on a pedestal along the White House Ellipse. The man called to a friend to get his picture with the ceramic critter in the foreground and the future home of President-elect Barack Obama in the background. Watching nearby, Ceas, 57, smiled with satisfaction. “That’s a real blessing on the White House,” she said quietly to her husband, Steve. And then they walked away to make serendipitous mischief somewhere else.

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