Artistry and Theology Create Perfect Blend for Change

Original Article by : The View

“I believe art and theology are strong partners for communication,” says Sandy Ceas, master of theological studies (MTS) student. The theology of Christianity has a rich inheritance in the arts from the past. “I seek to be a scholar of art and theology and an agent of change in culture – to present art with a new voice, especially for the contemporary world. Art can express the ineffable, and induce spiritual deliberation leading to change in self and surrounding culture.” As an accomplished contemporary, conceptual installation artist and art educator, Ceas was the subject of an article in The Rocky Mountain News in January chronicling her visit to Washington, DC during Obama’s inauguration. At the time, Ceas’ work was featured in the Christians in the Visual Arts show at Wesley Theological Seminary’s Dadian Gallery. Over the past several years, she has traveled to more than 18 cities, leaving about 1000 handmade, surprise gifts: palm-sized, ceramic “blessing doves,” in random locations in hope – no, certainty – that they will end up in the hands of the people who need them most. While in Washington, she placed doves in various places with a prayer that they touch the lives of the individuals who see them or take them home, highlighting her contribution to Obama’s “hope” movement.

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