How it All Began

One day I hand carved a wooden oak dove. It took awhile, and the process was very quiet and meditative as I unveiled the nuances of the wood to form a sleek shape into a dove. The experience was very spiritual and I was lead to study the history of the dove in Bible scripture. The dove is a messenger of hope, a symbol of new beginnings, and an offering of peace. I was very pleased with my oak dove and I kept it near. Another day, I heard a young man crying and pleading for love as his relationship with his girl was ending. My heart ached with his pain. He was unaware that I heard his sorrow. In my empathy I wanted to reach out and comfort him. I could not think of the right words to say. Instead, I caressed my wooden dove and prayed for his peace as he mourned through his loss, until I realized that I had to give him the dove. During his absence, from where he spent much of his time, I delivered the wooden oak dove. As I placed it amongst his disarrayed things I said “good bye my friend, you have a new soul to bless.” This young man knows not where the dove came from, but I have heard him speak of its comforting presence. Soon a vision came to me. I am an artist. I can make more of these. I can do this again. I started carving, and carving, and carving until I realized that I couldn’t make them fast enough to fulfill the call around me. My plan changed, and I began casting them in porcelain one by one. It’s been years since that initial “One day.” I am still casting Blessing Doves and praying over them so that I can give them away as an unexpected blessing to someone’s life. I pray you find one, “one day.”


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