Journal Entry #3

As I wait for the Blessing Doves website to come alive with stories, I am reminded that all things are in His time and for His good. The distribution of doves in Denver during the Democratic National Convention brought in only one story in spite of all my efforts to gain exposure. Many doves were quietly adopted without response. God know who needed to be blessed that day. Obediently I will continue on with the Blessing Doves project. A short trip to Ohio lead me to place a few in Cincinnati and Columbus as I snapped through the areas. Next we’ll be off to Las Vegas in November to bless that city. In preparation more doves will be crafted and some will be given to volunteers to place somewhere along the way in their travels. Sheryl, a rock climber, has placed a few as she accelerated Heaven’s Gate in Canada. Soon Nancy and Terry, Barnabus missionaries, will release some Blessings Doves along their way during their road trip from the mid-west to the east coast and back. Check in on their stories and adventures very soon. Extra images will be loaded into a new gallery section called RANDOM. God is working in mysterious ways and I will wait upon Him.


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